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4 Spot Angle Shooting

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Goalie Lateral Movement

Key Elements

Lateral Movement, Shooting/Scoring , Shooting on the move, Adjusting angles based on player movement, Lateral Skating


Players are positioned on the 4 areas with pucks as shown on the diagram. The first player in line 1, near the blueline starts with the puck, skating along the high slot area for a shot on goal. The 2nd player to shoot starts from the opposite side, waits for the goaltender to recover after the first shot and resposition, then skates toward the middle of the ice for the second shot on goal. This continues alternating sides, until all four players from each area have taken a shot on the goaltender.


Can add a pass from the next player in line.


After the shot the goalie moves quickley but under control from point a to point b. 80% of the saves should be with good positioning.

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