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Trap and Transition

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Forwards and defenseman working together defensively for offensive transition

Key Elements

Timing, Body and stick position of the back checker, Transition skating, gap control of defenseman, Communcation, Attack options, Passing and Recieving


Forwards and defenseman line up at opposite diagonal hash marks. On the whistle one forward from one end starts with a puck skating up the wall (1/2 speed to learn timing). The forward that starts in the middle of the ice, times his back check and takes away time and space of the puck carrier. The defenseman gaps up and takes out the forward with the puck creating a turnover. The forward starting in the middle moves to the loose puck and quickly transitions the puck passing it to the forward supporting at the opposite diagonal hash marks. The two forwards quickly transition the puck 2 on 0 back on the opposite end for a shot on goal. The next pair of players from the opposite end move into the neutral zone to start the drill from the other end.


You can work on a variety of attack options from transition 2 on 0, 3 on 0, 3 on 1.


Depending on what you do for the rush situation, you can have the forwards take bad angle shots with the second man driving the net for a rebound. You can have the puck carrier go behind the net and pass to the second forward, have the puck carrier delay and hit the defenseman late, etc.

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