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Situational Stations 2

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Defense Receiving the puck, Forwards in Proper Support

Key Elements

Surrounding the puck, Middle ice support , Skating/Passing/Recieving, Pivoting , Communication


Situation 1. Defense receives the puck from a dump in. Defenseman positioned in the middle of the ice in a line just inside the blueline. Coach is positioned inside that line with the pucks. Defenseman starts out backwards skating, the coach throws a puck the corner, the defenseman pivots, opens up to the puck, retrieves the puck, keeping the puck on his forehand in the pass ready position. The defenseman can either turn up the wall or gain the back of the net to make a quick outlet pass to the coach positioned in the middle of the ice, always tracking back inside the face-off dots. Situation 2. Forwards supporting on the break out and finding the proper lanes to receive the puck. Two lines of forwards both positioned outside of the blue line one along the boards and the other near the center of the ice. Two coaches are needed or you can use a defenseman in the low position to make the outlet passes. The coach passes the puck the player or coach in the corner. The forwards skate into position to receive the puck from the player/coach in the corner continuing up the ice passing and supporting each other.


Make sure you get the goaltender involved by dumping the puck on net and around the boards.


Communicate with the defenseman and set the puck up from any shot on goal or puck dumped in around the boards.

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