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Angling Stations

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Proper Angles when taking the Body

Key Elements

 Positioning , Skating , Balance and Agility, Angles to Hit and Pin , Compete Battles 1 on 1


1st Station: Depending on the number of coaches available on the ice, position them accordingly. At one end two players are positioned at the blueline along the wall with pucks. The other player just off the ‘puck carriers’ shoulder is about 10 feet away. On the whistle the player with the puck skates down the boards. The inside player now angles the puck carrying player keeping them to the outside, taking away time and space, with stick on the ice – protecting against a cutback to the middle of the ice. Eventually closing him off against the wall with stick-on-stick, shoulder-on-shoulder, hitting and pinning. At the Center Ice Station: 2 players are positioned next to each other, along the boards, skating towards the other side of the rink; 1 player is skating and changing his speed with the other player having to make adjustments with his positioning, mirroring across the ice. 3rd Station: The offensive player is positioned along the wall with the puck. The defender or defensive player is positioned along the blueline but skating backwards. On the whistle the player with the puck skates down the wall with the defensive player taking away time and space with good backwards skating and positioning – angling to protect against a cutback and closing him off the wall.


Depending on the number of coaches on the ice this drill can be run with six stations


Working in the net with a coach or the goalies can be working on Transitional skating on there own.

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