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1-on-0 Angling, Head on Swivel

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Create proper angle to retreive the puck

Key Elements

Head on a Swivel, Inside-Out Path, Creating proper angles to puck, Encourage shots off a move, Shooting /Scoring


Coach located at the top of the circles in the middle of the ice, with pucks. Players are divided into two equal groups, one on each side of the coach. The coach dumps the puck into a corner and the first player in that line retrieves the puck, focusing on a proper angle. Demonstrate inside-out positioning, head up and head on a swivel, once the player retrieves the puck they should drive around the top of the circle for a shot on net.


Progress to the second player in line following the first player in and putting some passive pressure on the player to execute a good angle to the puck and drive around the circle to the net. Second player should also focus on the getting good angling position and controlled skating.


Follow the player, angle awareness.

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