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Backcheck 2 on 2

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Defensive Awareness, Backchecking

Key Elements

Skating, Defensive Positioning, Compete, Battle 2 on 2, Skating Speed, Angling, Protecting the puck


Two lines of players at the red line facing the same direction, pucks at one of the lines and also at the opposite blueline with the coach. the first two players in each line start by passing the puck two on 0 down the ice toward the goal for a shot on net, both players turn to the boards skating down to the other end. the next two players in line follow the first two players to just inside the blue line then pick up the first players on a backcheck down the ice. as the first two players enter the zone the coach throws the puck into one of the corners for the first two players to retrieve the puck and and try to score vs the two backchecking players two on two in the zone


If a goal is scored quickley the coach can add a second puck


2 on 0 at one end and game like situation 2 on 2 at the other end. Switch goalies half way through the drill.

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