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3 on 2 Backchecker

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Create scoring chances 3 on 2

Key Elements

Create width and depth to attack, Drive center lane, 3rd man high as a trailer, Shooting/scoring, Game like situation for goalie


Two lines start at the center red line facing opposite directions against 2 defenseman that are positioned at each blue line. Pucks are at the center. Both centers have one puck. On the whistle the designated three forwards attack the 2 defenseman 3 on 2 trying to create a scoring chance until a whistle. On the whistle the 3rd man high in the zone becomes a backchecker against the next 3 forwards at the center red line attacking the opposite 2 defenseman, 3 on 2, the backchecker can make it a 3 on 3. Play it until a whistle and 3rd man high becomes the next backchecker against 5 new players who have come off the bench. This is a continious drill.


The other 2 forwards can backcheck to the center red line.


Game like situations; 3 on 2 and 3 on 3. Commmunicate with your defenseman.

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