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Penalty Kill Active Stick

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Penalty killers- active stick in passing lanes

Key Elements

Active stick denying passing lanes, Straight line skating, Proper position, Awareness, Offensive players-passing/receiving


Begin by setting up the top of a conventional powerplay, with 2 defenseman on blue line and a forward on half wall. The object of the drill is for the 3 pp players to pass puck amongst themselves-pk player is forced to react and break up diagonal passes. He is to skate in a straight line from the slot-out to the board defenseman on the overload powerplay.


The same setup can occur down low by setting up the bottom of the powerplay with a half wall forward, a forward in the corner, and a forward in the near slot. The pk player, in this case, becomes a defenseman. He skates in straight lines from the net to the half wall, with an active stick in the passing lanes. The pk defenseman is to deny any diagonal passes to the near slot man by proper stick position.


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