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4 On 2 Special Teams

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Read the play and reacting to whats available quickley

Key Elements

Passing/Receiving, Read and react , Anticipation, Heads up , Positioning with Good Support/Target


Divide the end zone in half, using 2 nets, placed in each half of the ice on the goal line. 4 on 2 in each half of the ice. The 4 players are to work the puck, reading the play to what is available. The other 2 players work on defensive skills; with an "active" stick, taking away passing lanes, forcing the 4 players to move the puck quickly, trying to get the puck away from the 4 players.


You can do the same drill with one puck and the defensive players clear the puck to the other side and the team that can protect the puck will have more time with the puck and greater oppurtunities to score.

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