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Defense Shooting Power Play Concept

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Create Good Point Shots and Puck Movement

Key Elements

 Shooting/Scoring, 2 on 0 Out of the Corner, Quick Release, Positioning with Good Support, Passing/Receiving


Defensemen are positioned outside the blueline. Forwards are positioned down in the corner. The pucks are positioned with defenseman at the blueline. The drill starts with two defensemen at the blueline standing next to each other. One forward at the hash marks and another forward down at the goal line in-between the net and the boards. First defenseman in line starts out skating backwards along blueline, he receives a pass from the next defenseman in line, one-touching the puck right back to the second defenseman in line and receiving it back from the second defenseman in line for a shot on goal in the middle of the ice. After the shot on goal, that defenseman skates to the board, picks up another puck and walks it across the blueline and passes it down to the forward at the hash mark. That forwards one-touches it to the forward at the goal line, and then skates to the front of the net to receive a pass back for a shot on goal. The forward at the goal line then replaces the shooting forward at the hash mark and the shooting forward goes to the back of the line and the next forward in line replaces the player at the goal line.


None for this drill


Keep adjusting your angles accordingly based on the passes being made and square your body to the shooter.

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