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Defense Quick Up Shooting

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Break out Concepts

Key Elements

Defenseman agility, Passing/ Receiving, Shooting/Scoring, Receiver gets into good positioning, Tipping/ Screening


Forwards are positioned outside opposite diagonal bluelines along the sideboards facing the goals. Defense are positioned the same opposite diagonal bluelines inside the neutral zone faceoff circle, pucks are on each side of the net and positioned between the goal and the corner on the goal line. On the whistle the defenseman skates backwards into the zone, pivots back, picks up the puck and hits the forward that is coming down the boards in the breakout position. Forward carries the puck up the ice for a long shot on goal. The forward quickly finds the second puck along the goal line and passes it to the defenseman that is following the play up for a second shot with a tip and screen. Both ways, same time and change sides half-way through.


Good drill for getting the feel of the puck and rink awareness in terms of angles, possible tip situation.

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