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2 on 1 Continuous Eaves

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Backchecking to proper positioning for quick transition on breakouts

Key Elements

Passing/Receiving, Defensive Positioning, Creating scoring chances, Backchecking to defensive zone, Transition


F1 and F2 start the drill on the 1st whistle by skating down the middle of the ice and backchecking to the house (they must go all the way to the hash marks). They stop when they get to the house and get their head on a swivel and sticks on the ice to simulate defensive zone coverage. The coach blows the 2nd whistle, which initiates a pass from the coach to D1 who works to get open from the dot to proper position below the goal line. F1 now activates and gets open skating to the side boards (hash marks) to be an outlet pass from D1. F2 comes across to support D1 and F1. F1 passes to F2 and they go down the ice 2 on 1 vs. D2 who followed up the play from the other end. Once F1 and F2 clear the redline for their line rush, F3 and F4 Start to skate and backcheck to put back pressure on the line rush. F3 and F4 become the next repetition.


Weak side defenseman join rush; Have the defenseman who took the rush become the weak side defenseman on the breakout. Now the pass would go from D1 to F1 on the side boards to weak side defenseman and he would pass it to F1 or F2 to create the line rush. 2nd Puck through defensive zone coverage and late man; After the rush have the coach in the corner try to throw the puck to the point so the backchecking forwards must have their sticks on the ice and in the passing lanes with their heads on a swivel to deflect the pass so it does not get out to the point or to a late man joining the rush.


Game like situation, fight through traffic to find the puck and communicate with the defenseman on both the line rush and breakout. Adjusting your angles on the passes being made on the line rush and breakout.

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