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4 Skating Stations

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Fundamental Skill Developement

Key Elements

 Skating, Puck handling, Pivots, Agility


Dvide players into 4 equal groups positioned as shown in the diagram. Station #1: Skate through the cones with good puck control with your head up to the goal line, stop using a hockey stop, facing the middle of the ice. Station #2: From a starting position, explosive quick start to the redline, continue long strides down to the far goal line with a hockey stop, facing the middle of the ice. Station #3: Backwards start, skate backwards to the redline, pivot, open up towards the boards, skate forward to the corner of the net. Station #4: Obstacle course; stickhandle through the cones first, make a move right or left of the stick on the ice, jump over the next obstacle, skate a figue 8 between the next two cones and skate forward to the far cone, backward around the next cone, down the ice to make a move around the last object or coach for a shot on goal.


Stations #2 and #3 can add pucks.


Goalies can take shots at the end of Station #1 and at the end of Station #4, or participate in all the skating drills.

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