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Overspeed Give and Go

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Have players elevate their comfort zone to execute skills at a high tempo

Key Elements

Skating speed, Passing/Receiving, Shooting quick release, Hockey endurance, Creative decision making at high speeds


Divide the players into two equal groups positioned at the faceoff circle with pucks, at the red line, facing in opposite directions. Coach positioned at the lower area of the faceoff circle. On the whistle the first two players in line skating with the puck out to the boards, down to the faceoff circle in the endzone, making a tight turn, coming out of the turn, pass the puck to the coach and continue skating to the far side of the rink near the red line to receive the pass back from the coach to finish with a quick shot on goal. Receiving passes on the backhand is a difficult skill that needs to be practiced over and over for many years. Encourage quick release getting the shot on net


This drill should be done in both directions.


follow player thru center ice, Angle awareness.

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