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Ice Utilization 5

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Maximizing the time and space allotted

Key Elements

Fundamental skill developement, Puckhandling/Protection, Compete, Battle 1 on 1, Timing, Passing While in Motion


Divide players up into Five equal groups. Drill 1, Forward Backward Pivots Skating. One player at a time skates forward into the circle around the cone, backwards out around the next cone to their left, back in forward around the middle cone, pivots backward out to next cone to their left and this continues until they have gone completely around the circle. Drill 2, Tight Turn Backward to Forward. the first player in line starts out skating forward to the 1st cone inside the blueline skates 1 1/2 times around, pivots backward to the 2nd cone between the faceoff circle and the goal line, transition forward to the 3rd cone on the neutral zone faceoff dot around that final cone and finish with a shot on goal. Drill 3, Timing Pivots Passing. The first player to the right of the coach gets a pass from the coach and passes directly back to the coach before he pivots back, as he pivots the coach passes it right back to him and he one-touches it right back to the coach. The other player that started on the other side should be in position with the correct timing to where the first player had began. This player continues in the same pattern as the other player. This drill is continious in the same direction for 30 seconds. Drill 4, Tight Turns with a Shot. The player starts the drill with the puck, skates up to the first cone and make a tight turn to the middle of the ice around the cone, skates to the next cone and goes in the opposite direction from the inside to the outside, and continues around the last cone for a shot on goal. Drill 5, Bull in the ring. Player 1 with a puck and player 2 without a stick placed inside a faceoff circle. on whistle, player 2 tries to push player 1 out of the faceoff circle. Player 1 uses body position to protect puck and roll off check to stay inside circle.


In both nets at each end, taking shots from drill 2 and drill 4.

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