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3 Man Offensive Zone Entry

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Offensive zone entry

Key Elements

Width and depth to the attack, Passing, Finding passing lanes, Skating, Shooting


The drill begins with the players lined up against the boards just inside the blue line, facing towards the neutral zone. A figure 8 is formed using cones between the redline and the blueline in the neutral zone. On the whistle, three players skate around the figure 8 as fast as they can, one behind the other. when they get all the way around they skate out of the figure 8 through the middle, heading into the offensive zone. The coach passes a puck to the first player skating out of the figure 8. He become F1 and takes the puck wide one way or the other in order to spread out the attack. the second player out of the figure 8 enters the zone as F2 and heads toward the net. The third player out of the figure 8 skates into the zone as F3 and controls his speed to become the trailer. The three forwards attack the net in triangular formation, creating width and depth to the attack. Cones are spread out through the scoring area to force the players to find passing lanes through the obstacles. One or two passes are made and the drill is completed with a shot on goal.


The figure 8 in the neutral zone can be replaced with a number of different options. The three players could pass one puck amongst themselves, teaching them to skate off of the puck. On the whistle, the players leave the puck and head into the offensive zone. The coach passes a puck to the first forward entering the zone, F1, and the other two players have to decide who is F2 and F3 to form the triangular formation. The rest of the drill remains the same.


The goalie plays the attack and has to adjust his angles based on passes being made.

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