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2 on 0 Regroup 1

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Proper Positioning, Support on Regroup

Key Elements

Passing/ Receiving, 2 on 0 offensive concepts, Proper Receiving Angle, Encourage shots off the pass, Regroup


The forwards are positioned inside the bluelines in four equal groups along the side boards, opposite diagonal lines with pucks. Four defenseman positioned in the neutral zone, the strong side defenseman on both sides positioned just over the redline on the side the forwards have the puck, the other defenseman in the middle of the ice in a good support position on a hinge. On the whistle the side the coach designates to start the drill, the forward with the puck passes it to the nearest defenseman, the forward directly across the ice skates down the boards into a good regroup position. The defense pass it defense to defense to the wing along the boards, the forwards pass the puck up the ice 2 on 0 for a shot on goal. The next opposite diagonal line starts.


Switch puck to the otherside where the pass is made. Both sides can go at the same time not recommended for the younger players.


Must be focused on puck carrier, yet be prepared with a response to a quick pass to open man. rebound control.

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