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Five Puck Goalie Skate

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Control skating in the crease, centering on puck

Key Elements

Shuffle skate, T-glide, Body control, Transition skating


Place five pucks in an arc just outside the crease. Goalie skates in the arc stopping and centering on each puck, using a controlled shuffle skate, for about 20 seconds. On coaches whistle the goalie now skates from one puck to the other, using a t-glide. The coach decides which puck the goalie moves to always changing the goalies course, always stopping to be centered and square on the puck.


At the end of 20 seconds the goalie starts at one post and comes out to poke check the pucks one at a time returning to the post each time until all but one puck remains on the final puck the goalie must cover the puck for whistle.


See organization of the drill.

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