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Name: Christopher Wszalek

What do you do for a living?

I am an Admissions Counselor at Alfred University. I graduated from Alfred in May with an MBA. I am originally from West Seneca.

What 3 adjectives would you use to best describe yourself?

Charming/Outgoing. I can be a very charming person who is laid back and easy to get along with.

Enthusiastic/Energetic. I think that people can work off each other’s energy in a group setting and it is very important that someone be the catalyst.

Dedicated/Determined-. When I put my mind to doing something I feel that I will accomplish it and I will not give up until I do.

What is your favorite movie?

Any of the Superman Movies. I collect a lot of Superman memorabilia and one day will probably have a room in my house full with just Superman stuff, and another room for just Sabres stuff.

What is your favorite song?

Justin Timberlake’s Summer Love. It has a great beat, and like I said in my tape I do like to dance.

Who is your favorite Singer/Band?

The Goo Goo Dolls. They are a really great band that made it from buffalo and actually Robbie is a graduate from West Seneca East like me!!

Who is your favorite current Buffalo Sabres player?

Ryan Miller. I have always played goalie in street hockey games since I was a kid, and I played goalie for Lacrosse all the way through college. If they could put the “C” on his jersey I would say that he would make an excellent captain.

Who is your all time favorite Buffalo Sabres player?

The Dominator. Dominick Hasek. Hasek was a strong figure in the community as well, and will one day be in the Hall of Fame for sure!!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

The one time that does pop in my head where I was embarrassed would have to be when I was about 7. At that time MC Hammer was my favorite singer and I liked to dance like him. While I was outside with my friends listening to and dancing to the song Too Legit to Quit, when I suddenly slipped in the mud and fell on my bottom and the mud seemed to instantly soak right though my pants all the way to my underwear. I still get teased about it to this day, but I even have to laugh now when I hear that story.

If you were a Superhero, what would your superpower be?

If I was a Superhero my superpower would be the ability to bring people back to life after they have died, so when people have heart-attacks from the Sabres exciting come from behind victories I can revive them to see it happen again!!!
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