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Atkinson, Steve (R) Oct 16, 1948 Toronto, ON, CAN
Bromley, Gary (G) Jan 19, 1950 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Busniuk, Ronald (R) Aug 13, 1948 Fort William, ON, CAN
Carriere, Larry (D) Jan 30, 1952 Montreal, QC, CAN
Crozier, Roger (G) Mar 16, 1942 Bracebridge, ON, CAN
Dryden, David (G) Sep 5, 1941 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Dudley, Richard (L) Jan 31, 1949 Toronto, ON, CAN
Farr, Rocky (G) Apr 7, 1947 Toronto, ON, CAN
Gould, John (R) Apr 11, 1949 Beeton, ON, CAN
Gratton, Norm (L) Dec 22, 1950 LaSalle, QC, CAN
Hajt, William (D) Nov 18, 1951 Borden, SK, CAN
Horton, Tim (D) Jan 12, 1930 Cochrane, ON, CAN
Korab, Gerald (D) Sep 15, 1948 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Lemieux, Real (L) Jan 3, 1945 Victoriaville, QC, CAN
Lorentz, Jim (C) May 1, 1947 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Luce, Donald (C) Oct 2, 1948 London, ON, CAN
Martin, Richard (L) Jul 26, 1951 Verdun, QC, CAN
McNab, Peter (C) May 8, 1952 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Meehan, Gerry (C) Sep 3, 1946 Toronto, ON, CAN
Mickey, Larry (R) Oct 21, 1943 Lacombe, AB, CAN
Noris, Joe (C) Oct 26, 1951 Denver, CO, USA
Perreault, Gilbert (C) Nov 13, 1950 Victoriaville, QC, CAN
Pratt, Tracy (D) Mar 8, 1943 New York City, NY, USA
Ramsay, Craig (L) Mar 17, 1951 Weston, ON, CAN
Robert, Rene (R) Dec 31, 1948 Trois-Rivieres, QC, CAN
Robitaille, Mike (D) Feb 12, 1948 Midland, ON, CAN
Rombough, Doug (C) Jul 8, 1950 Fergus, ON, CAN
Schoenfeld, James (D) Sep 4, 1952 Galt, ON, CAN
Spencer, Brian (L) Sep 3, 1949 Fort St. James, BC, CAN
Terbenche, Paul (D) Sep 16, 1945 Cobourg, ON, CAN
Wyrozub, Randy (C) Apr 8, 1950 Lacombe, AB, CAN
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