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Bailey, Justin (R) BUF Jul 1, 1995 Buffalo, NY, USA
Ball, Terry (D) Nov 29, 1944 Selkirk, MB, CAN
Baptiste, Nicholas (R) BUF Aug 4, 1995 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Barnaby, Matthew (R) May 4, 1973 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Barnes, Stu (C) Dec 25, 1970 Spruce Grove, AB, CAN
Barrasso, Tom (G) Mar 31, 1965 Boston, MA, USA
Barrie, Doug (D) Oct 2, 1946 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Bartovic, Milan (R) Apr 9, 1981 Trencin, SVK
Benoit, Andre (D) Jan 6, 1984 St. Albert, ON, CAN
Bernier, Steve (R) Mar 31, 1985 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Biron, Martin (G) Aug 15, 1977 Lac St. Charles, QC, CAN
Black, James (L) Aug 15, 1969 Regina, SK, CAN
Blue, John (G) Feb 19, 1966 Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Bodger, Doug (D) Jun 18, 1966 Chemainus, BC, CAN
Bogosian, Zach (D) BUF Jul 15, 1990 Massena, NY, USA
Boland, Michael (D) Oct 29, 1954 London, ON, CAN
Botterill, Jason (L) May 19, 1976 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Boucher, Philippe (D) Mar 24, 1973 St. Apollinaire, QC, CAN
Boughner, Robert (D) Mar 8, 1971 Windsor, ON, CAN
Boulton, Eric (L) NYI Aug 17, 1976 Halifax, NS, CAN
Boyes, Brad (R) Apr 17, 1982 Mississauga, ON, CAN
Breitenbach, Ken (D) Jan 9, 1955 Welland, ON, CAN
Brennan, TJ (D) PHI Apr 3, 1989 Willingboro, NJ, USA
Briere, Daniel (C) Oct 6, 1977 Gatineau, QC, CAN
Bromley, Gary (G) Jan 19, 1950 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Brown, Brad (D) Dec 27, 1975 Baie Verte, NL, CAN
Brown, Curtis (C) Feb 12, 1976 Unity, SK, CAN
Brown, Greg (D) Mar 7, 1968 Hartford, CT, USA
Brydges, Paul (C) Jun 21, 1965 Guelph, ON, CAN
Burridge, Randy (L) Jan 7, 1966 Fort Erie, ON, CAN
Busniuk, Ronald (R) Aug 13, 1948 Fort William, ON, CAN
Butler, Chris (D) STL Oct 27, 1986 St. Louis, MO, USA
Byers, Mike (R) Sep 11, 1946 Toronto, ON, CAN
Byron, Paul (C) MTL Apr 27, 1989 Ottawa, ON, CAN
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